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Ryan Michel


Meet Ryan Michel, the owner of Defense Pest Control! Ryan is directly involved in the day to day operations of the company. He has been working in the industry since 2000. Ryan and his wife, Wendy, started Defense Pest in 2006. Ryan’s favorite thing about working at Defense Pest Control is working with a wonderful team of individuals and loyal committed customers. Ryan loves the feeling of getting to work with happy and satisfied employees and customers. Ryan was born and raised in Southern Alberta, Canada.

Outside of work, Ryan loves spending time with family, riding horses, camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, serving others, and fulfilling church responsibilities. Upon arriving home from work, he is known to turn into a bucking horse, bull, or even a WWF Wrestler.

Fun Fact: Ryan is a Canadian married to an American, and they have not had a single argument in 16 years of marriage.

Another Fun Fact: When Ryan was 12, he entered a quarter horse race in the Raymond, Alberta 1st of July rodeo.  On the first corner of the track, the left stirrup on his saddle broke off and on the third corner of the track, Ryan and his saddle ended up underneath the horse. Together, they led the entire race and his horse finished in 1st place even without him. He was unconscious for 7 days. (His horse's name was Bid-For-Trouble!)