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Crickets are known for their obnoxious chirping, which occurs when male crickets rub their front wings together to attract females. While having some of these critters on the outside of your home can be a little annoying when they get inside your home it’s intolerable. You could spend hours just searching for where that chirping is coming from! What's more, crickets can also cause damage to clothing, carpeting, and other fabrics such as cotton, silk, wool, and synthetics. They are specially attracted to clothes soiled with perspiration.

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If you have a cricket infestation on your property, turn to Defense Pest Control for an effective and long-lasting solution. Our Mesa cricket control experts will provide a treatment plan that is tailored to your individual situation, ensuring your home stays cricket free year-round. We have over 65 collective years of experience and a proven record of satisfied clients.

Habitats & Habits of Crickets

When the weather is warm, crickets like to live outside, especially near garbage bins. However, during extreme heat or when the weather is cold, they often seek shelter in houses and sheds. At nighttime they are attracted to lights, and they like to sit on vertical surfaces such as house walls, fences, or light poles. During the day, they like to hide in dark, warm places, and can typically be found wherever there is clutter.

Tips for Getting Rid of Crickets

There are numerous things you can be doing to discourage crickets from living on your property, most of which just involve a little cleanup and maintenance.

Some of the ways you can keep crickets from invading your home include:

  • Reducing areas of moisture on the exterior and interior of your house.
  • Ensuring all areas around your home are clean and free of accumulation of leaves and dead brush.
  • Mowing the lawn, weeding plant beds, and moving woodpiles away from structures.
  • Changing your outdoor lighting to sodium vapor lamps or yellow bulbs.
  • Providing adequate ventilation in crawl spaces, basements, and attics.
  • Sealing any possible entry points to your home, including door frames, windows, and masonry holes.

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Professional Cricket Control

Unfortunately, no matter how much you clean up your property and make the necessary changes, you may still struggle with a cricket infestation. At Defense Pest Control, we offer effective and safe solutions to eliminate your cricket problem. Our treatments are applied by trained pest control professionals who know the best products and techniques to use for all types of situations. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service on every visit!

Call on our experts for cricket control when:

  • You spot multiple crickets inside your home.
  • You can’t keep crickets from entering through open doors.
  • You have numerous crickets jumping around you outside.
  • You have trouble sleeping because the chirping is so loud.
  • You notice your clothing or furniture has chewed-up edges.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Can crickets cause damage to my home?

Yes, crickets can cause damage to clothing, carpeting, and other fabrics such as cotton, silk, wool, and synthetics. They are especially attracted to clothes soiled with perspiration.

Where do crickets like to live?

Crickets like to live outside, especially near garbage bins. However, they often seek shelter in houses and sheds during extreme heat or cold weather.

What should I do if I have a cricket infestation?

If you have a cricket infestation, it is best to seek professional help. Contact a pest control service that specializes in cricket control for effective and safe solutions.

How can I prevent crickets from entering my home?

To prevent crickets from entering your home, you should seal any potential entry points such as door frames, windows, and masonry holes. Additionally, reducing moisture, ensuring cleanliness around your property, using sodium vapor lamps or yellow bulbs for outdoor lighting, and providing adequate ventilation in crawl spaces, basements, and attics can help keep crickets away.

What are the signs of a cricket infestation in my home?

Signs of a cricket infestation include the presence of multiple crickets inside your home, crickets jumping around outside near your property, difficulty sleeping due to loud chirping, and finding chewed-up edges on clothing or furniture. If you notice these signs, it's advisable to contact a professional cricket control service in Mesa.

Are crickets attracted to certain types of lighting?

Yes, crickets are attracted to lights, especially at night. They are drawn to standard outdoor lighting and will often sit on vertical surfaces near light sources. To deter crickets, you can switch to sodium vapor lamps or yellow bulbs, which are less attractive to these pests.

What kind of damage can crickets cause to my belongings?

Crickets can cause significant damage to clothing, carpeting, and other fabrics such as cotton, silk, wool, and synthetics. They are particularly attracted to items soiled with perspiration and can chew through these materials, leaving behind noticeable damage.


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