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Effective Spider Control Services in The East Valley

While some pests, such as cockroaches, are completely unwelcome to humans, spiders do have a more beneficial purpose in getting rid of overpopulated insect species, from flies to gnats. However, even though spiders do have an important purpose outdoors, nobody wants an infestation of these eight-legged creatures filling the house with cobwebs. Not only are spiders messy critters, but the bites of certain species can create serious health issues.

If you are noticing a few too many spiders in your house, it is important to take action right away. Spiders are prolific producers, and you may have thousands of baby spiders spinning webs in your house. When you have a spider infestation on your hands, reach out to Defense Pest Control as soon as possible. Our devoted professionals can offer effective Mesa spider control to ensure that your house stays spider free all year round.

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Identifying Common Spiders in Your Home

To identify the type of spider issue you are dealing with, it is important to know some of the most common kinds of species that could be lurking within your house.

In Arizona homes, our experts have found that owners especially deal with the following types of spiders:

  • Common House Spider – Even though a bite from these kinds of spiders does not cause much of a health risk, house spiders are known for being some of the messiest creatures around. If you notice that windowsills, picture frames, ceiling corners, appliances, and furniture are filled with webs, you likely have a house spider infestation.
  • Black Widow – Black Widows are known for being especially harmful to humans. The bite of these spiders can often cause extensive illnesses and pain, particularly if the victim is an elderly person or a child.
  • Brown Recluses – Although Brown Recluses are not usually known for causing fatalities, unless the victim has an allergy, the bite of these spiders is extremely severe and leads to excruciating ulcers.

Expert Spider Inspection and Prevention 

One of the critical methods for safeguarding your home from spiders is making sure to close off openings which allow them to get inside. You can rely on our experts to thoroughly investigate your property, looking for areas which invite spiders to come in. 
Some examples of preventative measures we can provide for your home include:

  • Checking that all doors, windows, and screens do not have any cracks, gaps, or holes.
  • Getting rid of extra clutter low to the ground.
  • Empty out boxes that have been in storage for a long time.
  • Inspect dark and warm corners, such as vents or outlets.

Comprehensive Support for All Spider Concerns 

Whether you have encountered a new type of spider in your home and are trying to identify if it is venomous, or if you simply want to lay traps to get rid of a constant infestation of Daddy-Long-Legs, our team is here for you. You can rely on Defense Pest Control to provide total eradication of any spider problem in Mesa.

Call us today at (480) 485-3053 or contact us online so that you can experience the relief of comprehensive Mesa spider control.

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