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Pest Identification:


The largest of all cockroach species where adults average from 1 1/2 - 3 inches long. Their body color is reddish brown while the area around the edge of their head is outlined with a yellow band.


The insect can travel quickly and is considered one of the fastest running insects. It is commonly found basements or drain pipes and can enter through small cracks under doors or windows despite its larger size.


They forage for any food crumbs and water under appliances, drains, kitchen sinks, cabinets, floor and even pet food that is left out overnight.


These roaches like to breed in sewers and on average they live for about 30 months. One female produces an average of 150 young in her lifetime.

Other Information:

They commonly pick up germs on their legs and bodies as they crawl through sewage pipes and then transfer these germs to food or onto food surfaces causing diseases or allergy complications.

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