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Scorpion Control in Mesa

Expert Scorpion Removal in the East Valley

One of the less exciting aspects of homeownership is safeguarding your property against pervasive pests, and a pest that can send a chill up any property owner’s spine is the scorpion. These crafty arachnids can slip inside even the narrowest gaps and cracks of a building and establish a nest, and while these animals tend to avoid humans, if they feel threatened or cornered, they can lash out. Getting stung by one of these hidden scorpions can be painful and even cause more serious symptoms to those who are allergic. Our team at Defense Pest Control pairs a thorough property inspection with powerful and innovative treatments to help keep homes and businesses throughout Mesa scorpion-free.








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Where Scorpions Tend to Hide 

Many people have an image in their mind that scorpions are large and pitch-black, making them easily visible if one were to suddenly emerge on their back porch. However, the majority of scorpions are quite small and light-colored, making them difficult to spot. We may not even be aware of it, but our homes and businesses can create perfect habitats for scorpions to come together. It is critical to know where particularly optimal hiding spots are located, so that you can put a stop to an infestation before it becomes overwhelming.

Some of scorpions’ favorite places to lurk include areas that are not usually cleaned or moved. Attics, spare bedrooms, and crawl spaces are often filled with cardboard boxes and furniture that provide excellent nests. Scorpions can find their way into large or small gaps and holes. They also enjoy spaces that are moist and dark, which is why bathroom cabinets, kitchen cupboards, laundry rooms, sink storage, and even pipes can create a favored resting spot.

Ways to keep scorpions from infiltrating your property include:

  • Seal cracks or gaps around your property. This can look like caulking and weather-stripping doors and windows, or ensuring tight seals where water lines enter your space.
  • Remove piles of construction materials, firewood, or brush.
  • Keep trees and bushes pruned and grass mowed to limit hiding spots and nesting opportunities.
  • Remove standing water whenever possible.
  • Inspect dark secluded spaces regularly, including cabinets, garages, and utility closets.

Dependable Scorpion Control in Mesa

It is vital to protect you and your household from the nuisance of scorpions that have rapidly multiplied in Arizona. You can rely on our knowledgeable team at Defense Pest Control to provide thorough inspections and extermination of these pests.

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