8 Tips to Avoid Back-to-School Pest Problems

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Another hot summer flew by here in Arizona, and now it’s time to get those kids ready for school! With all the preparation you have to do there’s a lot on your plate, but while you get the kids ready to start a new grade or move back to college, don’t forget about pests. Bugs might be the last thing on your mind right now, but there are a few bugs that spread through schools and into homes at the beginning of every school year.

Here is what you need to know to make sure back-to-school season doesn't end in a pest infestation! 


This pest loves the mantra “Sharing is caring.” Lice easily move from person to person, so if you have a young child in an environment where children share everything you need to be particularly cautious.

Tip: Tell your children that sharing is great, but they should keep hats, brushes, and hair ties to themselves!


Ants love snacks almost as much as your children, and when kids eat together and crumbs go everywhere - ants will be sure to make an appearance. If ants find their way into your child's lunchbox, they can be brought easily into your home.

Tip: Keep all food in sealed containers, and clean out your child’s lunchbox every night. 

Fruit Flies

School lunch can get a little sticky when fruit flies find the food you put in your child’s lunchbox. Fruit Flies can pass along bacteria and pathogens which can be harmful down the road. 

Tip: Put your child’s snacks in ziplock bags and ask your child to throw away half eaten food rather than putting it back in the lunchbox.

Bed Bugs

These little hitchhikers love the beginning of a school year. Bed bugs travel quickly on clothing, in backpacks, and even on a bus seat. 

Tip: Check your child for signs of bed bugs if you hear there has been a break out at the school. College students should check for bed bugs when they move in! 


Roaches love lazy college students that don’t pick up after themselves, or little children that make messes in the kitchen or dining room.

Tip: Always clean up after every meal, and never leave a huge mess in the sink. Get rid of any crumbs, and check for roaches when your child moves into a new dorm.


If one of your children is in college and came home for the summer chances are that you put their extra stuff in the attic or basement. Silverfish love these damp, dark areas and would love nothing more than hitching a ride back to campus.

Tip: Check through anything that’s been put in an attic or basement before you move it to a new location. You don’t want your child bringing silverfish to their new dorm!


You might not like your child’s smelly sports bag, but spiders don’t mind. These creepy pests are inventive, and somehow they always find their way into new places.

Tip: Look through your child’s sports bag before they bring it to school, and ask your child to make sure there aren’t any pests like spiders in it every day before it comes inside. Better yet, have them leave it in the garage where it won’t stink up the house!

Let the Experts Help

There are a lot of pests in Arizona, and all of them have creative ways of ruining your peaceful home. If you’re too busy with back-to-school preparations to take care of your pest problem, or even if you want to take preventative measures so you don’t have to deal with the nightmare of an infestation, let the experts at Defense Pest Control know.

We can help you save time and energy by exterminating your pests, and can even make back-to-school a little less stressful. If your children have brought bugs home from school along with their homework you need to solve the problem quickly before it spreads!

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