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German Cockroach

Pest Identification:
These smaller species are typically ⅖ - ⅗ inches in length. Adults have a lighter tan color but are a darker black before reaching adulthood. They can be easily identified by two distinct black stripes behind the head.
Most commonly found in the kitchen or bathroom because they prefer warmer and more humid environments unable to survive in severely cold conditions. Most active during the night and will emit an unpleasant odor if frightened or excited.
Omnivorous scavengers particularly attracted meats, starches, sugars, and fatty foods, but will eat common household items such as soap, toothpaste and book bindings if there’s a food shortage. They are notorious for eating leftover food scraps on dirty plates left in the sink.
This species reproduces faster than most and one female is capable of producing 30-40 offspring in their life. Each egg only needs a few days before they hatch, so a small problem can turn into a big problem in only a week.
Other Information:
Although adults have wings and are able to fly they rarely do and prefer to run instead.