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Brown-Banded Roach

Pest Identification:
These roaches are named from their distinct light brown or tan lines running across their wings. They are one of the smallest of the invasive cockroaches and usually don’t grow more than a half of an inch in length, averaging at 5⁄8 in (10 to 14 mm) long.
Unlike most roaches these prefer less humid and much warmer climates and are most commonly found crawling on ceilings, in attics and appliance motors.
They will eat almost anything but prefer to eat materials with a high starch content such as wallpaper glue, stamps or book bindings.
The female lays about 10-18 eggs at a time in capsules and carries them for about 30 hours before she fastens it on walls, ceilings, and hidden areas. They can live anywhere from 130 to 315 days, and have an average lifespan of 206 days.
Other Information:
Brown-banded roaches have been reported to spread at least 33 kinds of bacteria, six kinds of parasitic worms, and at least seven other kinds of human pathogens.