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Kick Rodents to the Curb!

It’s never ideal to have pests in your house, but when rodents like mice and rats start making themselves at home in your home or yard, it can become a real problem. Rodents can not only cause severe damage to your property, they can also harm your health. Rodents are very unsanitary, carrying various diseases that can be harmful to you and your family.


Rodent Control Services in Arizona

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Our trained specialists have families too, so we understand exactly how stressful and concerning it can be to have a rodent infestation in your home or on your property. Here at Defense Pest Control, we treat all of our customers like family, so you can be sure that we will work hard to get rid of the rodents in your home. We use only the safest and most efficient methods and tools that will get rid of the mice and rats and keep your family safe. We’ll inspect your home and check for signs of rodents, including:

  • Gnawed wrappers, plastic, or furniture
  • Droppings 
  • Urine stains 
  • Gnaw marks


Most Popular

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This package includes general pest control, scorpion control, and additional services to protect your home and lawn from fleas, rodents, and ticks. 


*Initial Fee Applies

Preferred Plus

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In addition to protecting your home from general pests, scorpions, and rodents, this package includes your choice of termite control or weed prevention.


*Initial Fee Applies

Total Solutions

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Our most comprehensive package includes everything in the Preferred package PLUS weed prevention and termite control.


*Initial Fee Applies

We Treat for Roof Rats!

Roof rats in Arizona are a major problem. These furry critters spend almost all of their lives above the ground, running from home-to-home with help from power lines, trees, shrubs, and other above-ground rodent highways. Roof rats are more active in the winter and early spring, finding their way into your home as the temperatures drop for a warm place to sleep. 

Roof rats first found their way into Arizona in 2002 and have since been showing up in communities all over. Their large ears and long, scaly tails are a dead giveaway about their species. Needing only a quarter-sized hole to gain entry into your home, roof rats can cause a lot of damage in short amount of time— without you knowing they're there and how they're getting in! Roof rats can transmit a bunch of diseases, including the plague if conditions are right, and are a fire hazard when allowed to chew on wiring and insulation unchecked. 

Our Arizona rodent control can take care of roof rats and protect your home from these nasty invaders. 

Have roof rats made your house their home? Evict them for good with help from Defense.

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Family- and Pet-Friendly Rodent Removal

Tackling rodent control issues in your home is complicated, so it’s smart to call in the professionals. Our rodent exterminators are specially trained to handle rodent infestations of all kinds, no matter how severe. With our services, you can expect that our exterminators will:

  • Listen to your concerns
  • Fully inspect your home to find out where the mice and rats are hiding
  • Utilize the most effective and efficient treatments
  • Work with the safety and health of your family and pets in mind

During our inspection, we identify where in your home has, or likely has, high volumes of rodent traffic. We bait these areas, causing a rapid decline in the population of rodents. We then work to close the openings that rodents have previously used to enter your home. Our rodent exclusion practices in Arizona are highly effective in keeping rodents out of your home for the long-term.

We design our treatments based on your specific needs and strive to provide timely service, free inspections, and easy to manage payment options that will ensure that your services are affordable. With our help, you can have peace of mind knowing your home – and your family – are in good hands.


Locally-Owned, Family Run Company

Having a rodent problem in your home is a delicate problem, and you want to ensure that your Arizona rodent control experts are working with your best interest in mind. At Defense Pest Control, we treat our customers like our own family, so you can be sure that we will give you the best possible service and results. Our trained exterminators will seek out rodents in your home, wherever they are hiding, and work diligently to get rid of them for the long term. We proudly offer out rodent control services in Arizona, including:

All Rodents Gone – Guaranteed!

Here at Defense Pest Control, we stand behind our rodent control treatments 100%. That means if for whatever reason you still have rodents in your home during our warranted treatment(s), we will come back and retreat free of charge. If you’re ready to take your property back from mice and rats, let your friends at Defense Pest Control help.

Get rid of rodents for good.

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