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Keep Weeds Off your Property!
If you’re looking forward to enjoying your yard with friends and family, the last thing you want to see are weeds. Weeds germinate and spread rapidly, so you need to act fast to stop them from taking over your yard. Here at Defense Pest Control, we specialize in weed control in Gilbert, AZ. We’ll handle the problem by stopping weeds in their tracks and preventing new ones from growing, so you can enjoy your yard rather than spending time in the dirt!
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Hassle-Free Pest Control

Pest control should be simple. That’s why we offer free inspections & easy payment options!

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Family-Friendly Solutions

Staying pest-free shouldn't compromise your health. Get peace-of-mind knowing our solutions are child and pet-friendly

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Satisfaction - Guaranteed!

Your complete satisfaction is our top priority. Each of our pest control services are backed by our guarantee!

I've been using Defense Pest Control for pest & termite for a year now and I couldn't be happier with the outstanding work they do, but also the professionalism, honesty, courtesy, kindness, patience & care!

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Weed Control in Gilbert

Here at Defense Pest Control, we take pride in helping our customers achieve the beautiful landscape they’ve always dreamed of. Our weed control services in Gilbert provide our customers with peace of mind and extra time that they wouldn’t otherwise have. Rest assured knowing that our highly-trained technicians are knowledgeable and use the most advanced methods to give you the weed-free yard you’ve always dreamed of.

Quick and Reliable Solutions

Arizona is prone to both summer and winter annual weeds. This means that every year it’s very important to apply at least two pre-emergent treatments to control the different types of weeds that can run rampant across your property.

Our treatment is guaranteed to kill existing weeds and prevent new ones from germinating. We do this using a two-step process:

  • Our Pre-emergent treatment kills the weed seeds upon germination. This treatment will stop weeds from growing in your yard without causing any damage to your plants.
  • Our Post-emergent treatment eliminates the existing weeds and prevents them from returning. 

Guaranteed Services and Friendly Staff

Controlling weeds in your yard shouldn’t be a hassle, so why not let Defense Pest handle it for you? On top of our excellent results, we also offer up to 6-month weed control warranty. This means that if you have weeds in your yard while you’re on our weed control program, we will come back - free of charge - and take care of any future problems you may have.

Don’t let weeds keep you from enjoying your yard this year.

Choose Defense Pest Control to take care of the weeds once and for all. 

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