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3 Reasons to Buy a Home in East Mesa

Reasons to buy a home in East Mesa

Buying a home is an important and exciting decision. But while you may immediately start thinking of dream features like a large playroom or a fenced-in backyard, what you likely already know is that location is the most important aspect of any home you buy. East Mesa is one of the best locations you can consider in Arizona.

We've been dedicated to providing safe, pest-free environments for homeowners in the East Valley for over ten years, so we know how great it is to live and work here! There are dozens of great reasons that you should search for homes for sale in East Mesa, but we’ve narrowed them down to just a few of the best. Here are three reasons you should talk to an East Mesa realtor to start your home search:

It’s Affordable

Mesa has some of the most affordable housing in Arizona, and East Mesa has some great houses at some great prices. The overall housing market in the city is nearly 11 percent less expensive than the national housing market. That means that you can buy a lot more house for the same amount of money, or you can save a lot of money on a modest starter house if you are on a tight budget.

But East Mesa is not just more affordable in terms of housing. The entire city has a lower cost of living, and it offers numerous recreational activities that are either free or very low cost. The city’s overall cost of living is six points lower than the average cost of living for the country. You can stretch your money further to save for emergencies, do fun things with your family, or invest in your future.

It’s Family Friendly

When you search for homes for sale in East Mesa, you’ll be concerned with more than just the number of rooms in the house or whether there are any parks nearby. You’ll also want to know if the community itself is family friendly, including plenty of other families and recreational opportunities. The good news is that East Mesa is a very family friendly community.

Mesa consistently ranks high for its affordability and family friendliness in surveys by magazines and national groups. Mesa has more than 2,000 acres of parks and green spaces, and either encompasses or is nearby numerous mountains, lakes, trails and other outdoor spaces. It has playgrounds, basketball courts, sports fields, spraygrounds, and more. It is also home to spring training for The Cactus League, and it has more than 200 MLB games in just a month. Of course, you can also head to downtown Mesa to visit historic sites, enjoy great shopping and dining, and more.

There is no end to the possibilities for what you and your family can do in East Mesa.

It Has Good Education and Job Opportunities

Whether you have a family or are thinking about moving to East Mesa on your own, you will want to know about the education and job prospects the city offers. More of each means a better quality of life for all residents, and East Mesa delivers on both.

East Mesa has great schools, as well as numerous other learning opportunities. You can head to local museums, great city libraries, or one of the many outdoor spaces to learn more about the world around you, no matter what age you are.

The community is also centrally located and offers a number of career opportunities. Not only are there many great employers right in the city, but residents also enjoy an easy commute to many points throughout the region. Phoenix is a short drive away, and it is a center for the local economy.

With a gorgeous, sunny climate throughout most of the year, bountiful recreational opportunities, great education, career opportunities, and an affordable housing market - East Mesa has a lot to offer individuals and families of all types. An experienced East Mesa and Las Sendas realtor can help you explore the different housing opportunities here. There are single-family homes of all types that fit your budget, and there are a variety of neighborhoods to help you find just the features you want in a community. If you are in the marketing for a new home or think you might be soon, check out homes for sale in East Mesa and see what is waiting for you.

This blog was written by Ryan Michel, Owner of Defense Pest Control

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