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There is a brown scorpion on the ground with its tail up high in the air.

Guide to Scorpions in Arizona

Scorpions are a unique hazard that comes with living in the Southwest. These predatory arthropods are the result of 435 million years of evolution and have captured the human imagination in ways that few other animals can match. At Defense Pest Control, we separate the myths from facts and are here to tell you everything you need to know about scorpions in Arizona.Read more
Storage unit doors

Rodent-Proof Your Storage Unit

Rodents seek out cluttered, covered spaces to hide, so your storage unit could seem like a cozy home. Keep these tips in mind to prevent rats and mice from wreaking havoc in your storage unit.Read more
Cactus pest control, Mesa AZ

Cactus Pest Control Tips

A cactus might not look like the friendliest place to make your home, but some pests love making a new home on a cactus. Here are some DIY pest control tips that can keep your cacti healthy and pest-free!Read more